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Airpax® Quick-Action Fuses
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QAS / QAL / QFS / QFL Series

General description:

Silver link construction
L-type terminals
Options:  Indicator fuse, microswitch with housing, fuse holders
Current & Voltage Ratings:
QAS25: 20 to 100 amps at 250Vac, 300Vdc
QAL25: 75 to 300 amps at 250Vac, 300Vdc
QAS60: 20 to 75 amps at 600Vac, 500Vdc
QAL60: 100 to 300 amps at 600Vac, 500Vdc
QFS25: 10 to 100 amps at 250VAC (cUЯus, TÜV),
400Vdc (cUЯus)
QFL25: 75 to 300 amps at 250VAC (cUЯus, TÜV),
400Vdc (cUЯus)
Breaking Capacity:

QAS25: 10kA at 250Vac, 300Vdc
QAL25: 10kA at 250Vac, 300Vdc
QAS60: 100kA at 600Vac, 10KA at 500Vdc
QAL60: 100kA at 600Vac, 10KA at 500Vdc
QFS25: 10kA at 250Vac, 400Vdc
QFL25: 10kA at 250Vac, 400Vdc

Approvals* UL Recognized
cUЯus Certified
TÜV Approved
*Consult factory for conditions of acceptability

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